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Meal Time With Kids Made Fun


Meal times with a toddler can be an absolute nightmare!

Trying to get a two year old to sit at a table for more than two minutes without an epic meltdown can feel like Mission Impossible. You’ll end up wearing the carrots and learning that your toddler has impeccable aim when they lob their dinner and you cop cauliflower right between your eyes.

We’ve tried everything to convince our little Master J to sit down and eat his dinner, from bribery to pleading to United Nations level diplomacy… By the way, the experts are right: You cannot negotiate with a terrorist!

All in all, our attempts to make dinner stress free have only resulted in more stress.

Then a miracle occured!


Two weeks ago, the lovely Louise G of Boutique Baby kindly sent us a  Constructive Eating Plate & Cutlery Set to tame our toddler’s tea-time tantrums.


And look, we’ve all seen the comments made by dubious parents on social media, claiming “THIS WILL JUST ENCOURAGE THEM TO PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD!”, so I have to admit I was pretty cynical when we sat down for our first constructive eating meal trial.

38022796_10156002776469086_7154528814842773504_nFrom the moment Master J sat down and looked at his plate, he REALLY liked it, he was enticed by the colour and novelty and I was a convert. I can’t remember the last time he didn’t automatically say “NO” to whatever I’d served or didn’t try to get down to go play with his Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser.

He loved the plate, the ease of use, and was fascinated by using digger cutlery and bulldozers to help push food into his fork. He wasn’t just eating, he was enjoying eating, and developing new skills.

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Without a tear or tanty, my toddler ate his dinner. It seems like such a small win but, as any toddler parent can verify, it feels immense.

AND I didn’t even end up with a facefull of cauliflower!

Louise has so kindly offered Mumspo Mag readers a discount code too, so if you would like to purchase a Constructive Eating plate and cutlery set or any of the amazing products Boutique Baby stock, be sure to enter MUMSPO12% to receive 12% off storewide. Boutique Baby have a large range of quality products and also offer Afterpay, so definitely worth a peek.

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  1. Yaz July 30, 2018

    I was looking for something to make meals times less stressful, think I’m going to give this a go!
    Thank you for sharing this and for the discount code.

  2. Christine July 31, 2018

    What a great idea happy mealtime makes happy mummy


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