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Cake hacks have been trending in two of our Facebook groups Party Mums and Cake Mums for years, so much so there are hundreds of creations uploaded to the groups every month.

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What’s a cake hack you might ask? If you aren’t familiar, it’s where you purchase a store bought ready made sponge or mud cake and transform it into a stunning masterpiece. Similar to a beauty makeover with fresh hair, highlight and ALL the contour, this is the cake land equivalent only swapping the make-up for buttercream or fondant.


For the final reveal, topping your transformed cake with flowers, chocolates or a toy or topper to match your theme really takes them next level. The cake is your blank canvas and the opportunities are endless.


Whilst Cake hacks are extremely popular for children’s birthday parties, they aren’t exclusive, and we’ve had members create cakes for gender reveals to weddings and all special occasions in between.


There are many reasons cake hacks are so popular with busy mums, and here at Mumspo Mag we can relate on every level. The constant flow of alluring cakes are super impressive and have left us looking for any excuse to try our hand at another one.

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Whilst we would all love to pop on an apron, bake from scratch and achieve Katherine Sabbath perfection, it isn’t always achievable and here’s why cake hacks have become increasingly popular with busy mothers –
Don’t like baking
Rubbish at baking
Time poor
Busy with work/family life
Summer born kiddos and too hot to turn the oven on
The convenience outweighs all else

Cake hackers are united by their common love for how easy these cakes are to achieve, but one thing that can cause divide in the cake club is whether or not to remove the icing.


Sorry for caps, I’ll calm down now, but I personally believe the gooey ganache is the best part so I leave it on. I invert my cakes and fill with a layer of buttercream to create even distribution between layers, however you can slice off the dome of your cake using a serrated knife if you prefer.

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Hack tips –
If using anymore than 3 cakes it’s recommended to dowel your tower of goodness to avoid tipping and sagging.
Don’t be afraid to mix flavours. The triple combo of a Coles or Woolworths caramel, choc and white choc mud is glorious.
Be sure to add a small dollop of buttercream to your cake board before assembling. This will act as a glue and prevent your cake sliding.
If you don’t have a cake scraper, use a clean ruler to achieve a smooth appearance in your buttercream.
Crumb coat your cake, it makes all the difference to the final look.
If adding fresh flowers, be sure the stems are wrapped to avoid direct contact with the cake.

Here are some fabulous cakes created by our members to give you all the inspiration for your next birthday or gathering. Clever cakers have gone to town with a trim of Kit Kats, wafers and even Flakes. From naked cakes, to hundreds and thousands, to a glossy drip and an overload of chocolates or lollies, I love you can pimp a cake to suit any taste, theme or budget.

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From Moana to a Mother’s Day beauty adorned with fresh flowers, there’s a cake hack to suit everyone.

Thank you to all the members who have generously allowed us to share your creations here, we wish we could have shared them all but there was so many submitted I had to abstain from the urge to lick my phone screen.

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