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Ultimate Dolls House Using Coles Little Shop Accessories


Thanks to Coles Barbie has a new shop!


If you’re an Australian parent I’m sure you’re familiar with Coles Supermarkets Little Shop promotion.

Many have been going CRAZY over the mini collectables and our hands are raised as guilty too. There have been many boisterous chats here at Mumspo HQ about which items we are missing to complete our sets, only lulled by the promise of an office swap day. Bartering back and forth for that one pack of Weetbix, and trying to assure our editor it’s not a great idea to do live packet openings over on Instagram has been a challenge in itself.


Image Courtesy of Coles

For Every $30 you spend in store you receive one mystery bag containing a miniature plastic grocery item. From Juice to toothpaste, there’s 30 to collect and you can also purchase a case to house your collectables and a few other accessories.


Image Courtesy of Coles

One Aussie Mum and member of our Kmart Mums Facebook group Tammy Sims has put her collection of Little shop items to the ultimate use by creating a shop for her daughters dolls house.


Tammy is rather crafty and thoroughly enjoys creating miniature themed set ups for her daughters barbie house and mini fairy garden. Tammy told us “I’m currently on maternity leave so have a bit more time on my hands for crafting when bubs is asleep”.

Would you believe the shop itself is a cardboard box. Other items used are scrapbook paper and various other craft supplies including pop sticks, wooden dowels, clear plastic for the shop window and counter and artificial plants and flowers. Everything from beads to bottle tops, cotton wool and kitchen sponge have been used to create this space, and it just goes to show what items from around the home can be used and transformed on a budget.

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Tammy has taken her creativity to the next level by adding items to her cake cabinet using mini erasers from Kmart.

This is why we love our Mumspo Mag community so much! We see beautiful ideas every single day and we love sharing them with you.

A very big thank you to Tammy for allowing us to share here, and you can follow miss_tammee on Instagram for more of her clever creations.

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