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Laundry Organisation Tips


Laundries are generally quite small spaces so it’s all about maximising the available realestate in the room. These are my top tips for an organised and functional laundry:

1. Before you do anything decide what you need most – space, shelves, hanging rails etc, and sketch out what you would like so you have a clear vision of what you want to do with the room.

2. If you have the space, create a system to sort clothing. This is particularly helpful for families with young children who need different detergents or adults who have heavily soiled clothes that you don’t want to mix with other items. I have sorted mine into colours, whites, darks, linen, towels and daddy (works with stone so lots of stone dust I don’t want in the babies clothes). Kmart stock suitable shelves that house laundry baskets perfect for this purpose.

3. If you have no space for a bench create one. Bunnings sell wood boards for a great price that you can install yourself to create a work bench. If you have a top loader you can simply add hinges so it opens.

4. If you don’t have any shelving for products, installing open shelves from kmart or installing cabinetry from ikea is a great way to maximise space on a budget as they are very reasonably priced.

5. Laundry is boring. That’s a fact. Brighten up the space with some plants (hanging if low on space), some prints on the wall, a framed laundry quote, a diffuser to make the room inviting, and you can even be that little bit extra and get a rug, curtains and pendants.

6. Finally if you are stuck have a look on Pinterest for ideas. There are thousands of fantastic solutions for creating your own perfectly organised laundry. Research online for items that fit small spaces such as fold down ironing boards, fold down hooks or retractable clothes lines.

Washing is rather mundane and will never be fun, however a somewhat pretty and functional laundry does make those 3 loads a day a little more appealing/inviting so i’ll take that as a small win!

This post was submitted to Mumspo Mag by our lovely group member Natalie M and you can find more of her amazing home life tips and tricks on her Instagram page here.

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