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Book Week Character Inspiration


Each year across Australia, schools, kindergartens and public libraries celebrate books, Aussie authors and illustrators. The highlight of this week for most children is the book week parade, and picking and sourcing items to create their chosen characters costume.


For many parents this can result in stress, particularly when your child doesn’t know who they wish to dress as or change their mind every 7.3 minutes….


Our clever and crafty members from several of our Facebook groups have generously shared their children’s favourite costumes to give you a little inspiration, or help your little poppet narrow their quest for the perfect character.

If craft isn’t your strong suit, Kmart have quite an extensive range of dress-ups that are reasonably priced and here’s a few of our favourites.

Mumspo Mag also headed into Spotlight, Kmart, Big W and The Reject Shop today and they also have an incredible range on offer.

With a small trip to Spotlight or Kmart over the weekend, a hot glue gun and a little creativity, hopefully you are well on your way to the perfect get up!

We hope your little bookworm has fun at their parade, and whether you opt to purchase a ready made costume or get Martha Stewart level crafty, please send your photos in as we’d love to see them.

Happy Book Week,
Mumspo Mag


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  1. Mumspo Mag August 23, 2018

    Hi Bree, we put a call out on kmart mums asking for photos for this article. You responded on the thread with your photo. How ever we are happy to remove it if you would rather it wasnt there.


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