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Hilarious Maternity Photo Shoot in Kmart!


Maternity photo’s are commonly taken in a studio, in a park or by a lake, or standing by a window draped in fabric so the natural light creates a vertical silhouette of the soon to be mother.

Not Kirby Northey!


Kirby is expecting her second child, and when she asked her sister Kayarna to snap her maternity photos in their local NSW Kmart store it was a massive YES!
Kayarna is a hobby photographer and told us “we did it for a bit of a laugh and because we are both addicted to Kmart’.

Well it payed off as the lighting is fabulous, free use of props, and these images portray Kirby’s fun and bubbly nature.

Kayarna told Mumspo Mag “we were excited but were also apprehensive of customers staring at us. We wanted to do something different and it made Kirby feel happy as she got to do something different that is not your typical maternity shoot, we were laughing the whole time and had a blast just having fun together”.

Kirby has put many items to good use around the store and I can’t stop giggling! I’m a little sad my baby days are over purely for the fact i’d love to recreate these, so i’m living vicariously today.

Let these images serve as a prelude to all expectant mothers as these pics are goals, Kirby you are goals!

Mumspo Mag x




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  1. Amanda August 3, 2018

    Great article Mumspo Mag


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