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The Oil Cleansing Method


To put it simply, double cleansing is a two-step cleansing method using an oil cleanser followed by a water cleanser.

Now before you appoint me with the title of ‘insane woman’, hear me out.
I know it sounds crazy, why on earth would anyone want to put oil on their face?
I get it. As an oily skinned girl myself, the thought of actually applying oil to my face sounded counterproductive and verged on downright insane.

I’m so glad I decided to dive in and take the risk, after 6 months of oil cleansing I can happily say that my skin is less oily than it has ever been, my pores appear smaller and I have less blemishes!
But if you need more convincing, let me break it down for you.

Think of it as removal and then cleansing.

Step 1 – Oil cleanser

An oil based cleanser will remove oil based matter, which includes sunscreen, water resistant makeup, dirt, sebum and pollution.
A cleansing oil can penetrate the sebum inside a pore, then encapsulate it and lift it from the skin along with anything else which is oil based, eg. makeup or sunscreen.
Unlike regular oil, an oil based cleanser is designed to be easily removed with water, and don’t believe the myths about applying more oil to the skin being counter intuitive, oil actually attracts oil, which makes it a great cleanser for oily skin & controlling blackheads.

Oil cleansing is performed by applying the cleansing oil to a completely dry face and massaging so that the cleanser can encapsulate the filaments in your sebaceous glands and pull them free from the skin.
You feel a sandy, gritty feeling as you massage your face, also known as “grits” which feels both gross and incredibly satisfying.
Apply a little water to emulsify the oil cleanser and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2 – Water based cleanser

After performing your oil cleanse, it’s time to do the second cleanse with a gentle, water based cleanser.
Most cleansers are oil based, including gel, foam & creamy cleansers.
Try to aim for a cleanser with a low pH level and make sure you’re not using a strong foaming cleanser, as they can be made up of strong sulphates, which will strip your skin of essential lipids.

Simply wash your face with your water based cleanser and then rinse.

You’re left with pores that have had any sebum, makeup or pollution removed and been thoroughly cleansed with your second step cleanser.
You don’t need to double cleanse twice a day, in fact you don’t even need to do it every day if you don’t want to, although the difference you’ll feel in your skin will probably make you eager for the end of the night, when you can take off your makeup and feel so fresh & clean!

If you’re in the market for a oil cleanser I would suggest The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil, which you can purchase from The Skin Goals Co. and you can find their website in our Business Directory.

*Disclaimer: This article has been a collaboration between Mumspo Mag and The Skin Goals Co.


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