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15 Birthday Party Lunch Ideas


Depending on where you sit on the party planning pendulum, the thought of hosting and catering a birthday party can vary between utter joy, sheer terror or perhaps even a combination of both.

Fear not as we’ve got you covered!

Here at Mumspo Mag, the team have compiled our top 15 ideas on what to serve for lunch at a birthday party!

Of course many things come into play when deciding on what to serve your guests, from location, number of guests and oven facilities etc, but I’m sure this list will be helpful as there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Hot dog bar
Most people are quite partial to a hot dog and they make the perfect diy option. You can both cook and serve an abundance of hot dogs in a slow cooker and serve with fresh soft rolls, mustard, cheese, sauce & relish.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Traditional Party Food 
Provided you don’t mind ducking between the oven and your guests, you can’t go wrong with the classic party pies, sausage rolls, mini quiches and mini spring rolls. Add chocolate crackles, a fruit platter and a tray of sandwiches and you’re set.


Image courtesy of Google

Mexican Fiesta – Taco/nacho Bar 
This is a brilliant no fuss option as everything can be prepared in advance and you can set it up on a trestle table and guests can serve themselves.
Cook chicken or taco meat in the slow cooker and serve hot with large bowls of corn chips, taco shells and tortillas.
Add bowls of –
Grated cheese
Sour cream
You can also add everything from sliced olives to grilled corn and jalapeños.


Image courtesy of Google

Burger Bar
Another self serve idea that will guarantee you are labelled the hostess with the mostest. Serve platters of buns, chicken or beef patties, salads and a variety of cheese & condiments.


Image courtesy of Google

Hot Potato Station 
Yet another self serve idea that can also be prepared in advance. Wrap spuds in foil and cook them in the oven, slow cooker or Bbq & serve with chicken or bolognaise meat and everything from sour cream to grated cheese.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Grazing Platter 
Incredibly popular and a great way to get your guests mingling. Use a large food safe board (cover in baking paper if need be) and add a variety of cheese, deli meats, antipasto, dips, fruit and vegetables. You can also add dried fruit, nuts, sweets and small piles of crusty bread and crackers. If you aren’t a fan of everything touching you can use small bowls to seperate the meat.


Image courtesy of Party Mums member Yas Smith

Build a Sub 
Create a sandwich making station with lots of fresh rolls, salads, deli meats, condiments and sauces. If you want to imitate Subway closely you could also serve meatballs in a slow cooker too.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Barbecue & Salads or a Sausage Sizzle
Another Aussie classic if you can find a volunteer to cook all the meat. Serve with a variety of homemade or store bought salads, fried onions, fresh bread rolls and a variety of sauces.

barbecue bbq beef charcoal

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pizza Party 
Store bought, or homemade if you have a pizza oven, pizza is always a winner and cheers to leftovers for breakfast the following day.


Image courtesy of Google

Sushi & Rice paper rolls
Depending on your time and budget, you can either make large platters of both or order them from your local sushi store. Most offer party trays and they are always popular.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

BBQ Chickens & Salads
A simple classic I adore based on how easy this is regardless of whether you need to serve 10 or 100 people. You can make pasta and potato salads the night before which allows you more time to mingle.


Image courtesy of Google

Brunch/breakfast party
If your party is planned for earlier in the day or just before lunchtime this is ideal. You can add milk to drink dispensers and add a variety of cereals to candy jars, serve yoghurt and fresh fruit, ham & cheese croissants, egg and bacon rolls and a variety of muffins and Danish pastries.


Banh Mi (Vietnamese pork rolls) 
A classic that is sure to impress and relatively easy to create on a large scale. You can either prepare platters of the rolls or set up a diy Bar for guests to create their own. Lots of fresh ingredients, roast pork or pork belly and roast chicken, and all the fillings from coriander to spring onions.


Image courtesy of Google

Lunch Kits 
Another alternative to a hot or diy lunch is to assemble little boxed lunches for your guests. You can add a sandwich, box of sultanas, fruit and a sweet treat, get creative.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

A lunch spread consisting of a few American classics is ideal to please a hungry crowd. Baskets of French fries, buffalo wings, pulled pork and slaw burgers and you are set.


Image courtesy of Google

We hope this list helps alleviate any guess work on what to serve at your next party, and if you create any of these bars, please email as as we’d love to add your images here.

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