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Kmart Leather Bench Hack Tutorial


When it comes to styling your home, there are your timeless quality pieces which you hang onto for a lifetime, and then there are your on-trend accents which you change as often as the mood and seasons…


Obviously, when you’re considering a timeless piece of furniture, you can expect to pay a decent amount of money for the quality it would need to have. But what if I told you that you could have the quality look of a timeless piece at a fraction of the cost? Enter the popular trend of the ‘hack’. This is where the buyer takes a well-priced product and with a few little adjustments, transforms it into a whole new piece!
I loved the look of the outdoor woven bench that Kmart released last year ($39) so I purchased it immediately. I was so surprised to find that when I assembled it the acacia wood and the hardware holding it together was not only stylish, but super sturdy! The nylon webbing however, was very much an on-trend feature. To hack this into a quality indoor bench with a timeless quality, what better material to use than 100% tan genuine leather. It is strong, versatile, and compliments almost any interior style.

I had seen similar pieces retail for well over $1000! Let me tell you how I easily created the same luxe look for a tenth of that!

This bench is available from Fenton and Fenton for $1100


I spent many hours trawling the internet looking for the best price for genuine leather belt straps. For the amount I needed though, it was going to end up costing quite a bit! In the end, I worked out that the best value option was to buy a full hide and cut the strips myself.

I found one on eBay that was more than big enough. So, I placed a bid and won it for just over $60.

Once the leather arrived, the first thing I noticed was how nice and supple it was. Unfortunately, it was not as thick and stiff as I needed it to be to make a strong seat. So, after a bit of brainstorming, I decided to cut the strips a little wider than the existing nylon webbing and place them over the top so strength was increased rather than compromised.
I measured and marked out the strips to cut using some white chalk on the back of the leather, making sure they were a little wider and longer than the existing straps.


I then made a fold along the marked line, using a few bulldog clips to hold the fold in place so I could easily slip the scissors into the fold and cut a straight line.


Once I had all the strips cut, the fun part was weaving each piece through the existing webbing. I found it to be quick and easy using a wooden ruler to push the strips through.


After all the pieces were weaved into place, I straightened them all; making sure they were covering the black webbing and the lengths were evenly draped over the sides.


Finally, it was just a matter of flipping the whole bench over and using a staple gun to secure each strap in place, pulling it tight as I went.


And voila… my timeless luxe wove!


This piece was written and submitted to Mumspo Mag by the very clever Joelle Main. if you would like to see more of Joelle’s incredible hacks and home over at Jedi Mum Tricks

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