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Clever Lego Storage Ideas


Lego! The treasured possession of many children and the bane of many parents existence!

Most of us have fallen victim to stepping on a piece of Lego at one point or another, and boy is it painful!

This is why we’ve reached out to our wonderful community and put together some fantastic Lego storage ideas so you don’t become another statistic in the war against Lego related injuries!

Melissa. H hacked the Kmart rectangle wall shelf by sticking Lego tape onto each shelf, the top and sides, so that all of her son’s Lego creations can be kept organised and on display.

Sara. A keeps her son’s Lego sorted separately by colour in plastic drawers, making pieces easy to find and put away.

Farrah.C created the ultimate area for her child’s Lego city by using 9 Kmart coffee tables as the base!

Tracey’s clever husband modified this kids table and chairs set to create the perfect Lego storage and creation station, all in one place.


This cool creation started out as the industrial entertainment unit from Kmart! Natalie used Lego boards and glued them down, using the green Mayka tape on the edges and the road is $2 tape from Kmart too! All of the Lego is stored by colour in the storage tubs.


Renae upcycled an old telephone table to make this Lego area! She removed the padded seat and put in the Kmart wall shelf. Lego is stored in the tubs and the drawer is home to Lego manuals and instructions.


Talk about creative! Jodie turned her son’s drawers into large Lego blocks. That’s one way to encourage the kids to put their clothes away.

Vicki found a simple, yet creative way to store Lego figurines. By attaching Lego tape to the Kmart tiered shelf, these figures can stay on display while still being neat and organised. Vicki.M has also created a brilliant display/play space!


Bella uses home office organisers and fishing boxes to keep Lego neat and tidy, sorted by colour.

Thank you for reading and if you have a brilliant lego storage system in your home, please send it through to us as we would love to add it here.

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  1. Ames August 7, 2018

    I love Lego and these are great ways to not only store but show off creations. I really need to try one of these great suggestions.

  2. Annie August 7, 2018

    They have the shelves with Lego tape at Legoland. Great ideas. We’re not yet at Lego stage but I feel it’s inevitable eventually!

  3. brianatrev August 8, 2018

    Super cute!


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