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Creating a Fairy Garden – Kmart Hack


Despite endless Pinterest searches and numerous attempts, foiled by rapidly growing flowers and chew-happy puppies, Crafty Mums Facebook group member Mel Ostermann was determined to craft the perfect fairy garden for her daughter.

fairy garden 9

After spotting a dinosaur sensory table,she realised the possibilities for sensory tables were endless! Portable, contained and easy to pack-up, the $39 Kmart train table seemed ideal for Mel’s needs. Flipping the table-top so the timber faced upwards, she started to seek out the perfect accessories. Mel was surprised by how much the table could fit, making several trips to her local Dollar King, Hot Bargains and Heritage Gardens Nursery.

Mel toyed around with the arrangement of the table top fairy garden until she was satisfied with the placement. She then roughly marked where she wanted the ‘water’ (aka $2 blue gravel from Hot Dollar) and paths (pebbles and white gravel from Heritage Gardens Nursery, $5 each). Using a hot glue gun, Mel glued down the pebbles and gravel, before adding green moss and moss rocks ($8 from Spotlight) and houses.

The fairies, mermaids, elves, gnomes and their seating (various stores) weren’t glued, for ease of play.

In total, Mel spent an approximate total of $340 crafting her daughter’s stunning fairy garden. She attributes the cost to the items purchased at Heritage Gardens Nursery, but knows that paying for those higher quality items means the fairy garden will last for years of magic, play and joy.

fairy garden 8.jpg
“In the end,” Mel told Mumspo Mag “It was worth every cent to see my daughter’s face”.

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