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The Fridge to Go – Review!

Now lets be honest, I’m a sucker for anything matching so this was ticking all the boxes from the get go!
When I saw the amazing new Bento box by Fridge to go, it stole my heart as i’m a fully fledged Lunch Box Mum now and not even afraid to admit it. Now I know I shouldn’t judge a lunch box by its pretty exterior alone, but thankfully the Fridge to Go backs up its ridiculous good looks by being an incredible product too.
For those who haven’t heard of fridge to go, they are the rolls Royce of the lunch bag land as the cooler bag will ensure your lunch remains cold for up to 8 hours! For us here at Mumspo HQ, this is a must. My little boy keeps his lunch box in his bag outside, and some days the temperature gets up to 43 degrees here, and despite that, Master 6 insists on taking dip and crackers every day, not to mention other dairy products, and a cool brick doesn’t stand up to the heat. This particular bag has also been designed with the environment in mind which is a win win if you ask me.
How does it stay so cold you ask? Well that’s a brilliant question! Fridge to go uses special cooling panels you pop in the freezer, and is made with a special Temp Guard fabric to help keep the bag cool. The panels slip inside a special pocket which is fantastic as there is no chance of a leaking ice brick, and let’s be honest no one here likes a wet soggy sandwich do they?? Ewwwwwwww!
Ok I have raved about the bag, but now to the good part, the Bento box!
Testing this bento box, was Master E, also known as the 6 year old rough and tumble terror who has been known to be sent to the principal’s office for practicing his WWE moves (on himself). If there’s rough and tumble around he’s generally in the thick of it, so rest assured if it stands up to him, you’re peachy!
Unfortunately, he also got his mother’s coordination and suffers from a horrendous case of the “drops” or as we name it on our house, the opppsiieesss!
I was TERRIFED at how this box was going to hold up against Master E’ lack of grace and coordination. I was worried it would spill open and break the first time he dropped it. Well, Master E decided to give it a good road test the very first use. He had taken it upstairs to show my husband his bento box we had made for school that day. He had clipped it all back up, and then promptly dropped it down the stairs… “opsieeeeee” he shrieked. Together we hesitantly opened the lid (well I was fearful) as I knew if the dip had intruded onto his carrot sticks it was game over and I was remaking that lunch. I was shocked when I opened it. Not only had the lunch box survived , but nothing had spilt! THIS THING IS AMAZING!
This lunch box is sturdy, it is incredibly well built yet still easy to open. I can easily do so with one hand, and Master E has not needed any teacher assistance. It is light at just over 600gm and is length 26cm x height 5cm x width 18.5cm ensuring it isn’t going to weigh down the school bag.
It makes lunches easy. I’m so time poor, and will admit before the fridge to go was introduced to us, Master E and I were surviving on lunch orders. I’m excited to report has since changed. Master E is now excited about his lunches, so much so we are picking and choosing the contents together and he is enthusiastic to help which is a bonus.
I can easily rate this product 5 stars, however no matter how good a product is, if the customer service is lacking, then you wont get my business. I got this Fridge to Go from Jodie at Coastal Kids Wear and her customer service is so amazing, she has won me for life.
If you haven’t had a browse of her website, stop reading right now and head on over. Off you go, Ill wait…. See what I mean! Isn’t it beautiful?
We love supporting small business and fellow mums here at Mumspo Mag, and we will be partners with Jodie for life, as we love everything she represents.
Jodie has so kindly given us a Fridge to Go bag to give away to our beautiful mumspo community, and you can enter here on our Facebook page: Fridge to Go Giveaway
Rating of this is 10 out of 10 stars, you need this in your lunchbox life.


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