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Here at Mumspo HQ, we are always extremely impressed by the attention to detail that goes into the parties that pop up in our Party Mums group. This party by mum Angela Lane was one that definitely didn’t go unnoticed!

After coming across Angela’s impressive science themed party for her 9 year old daughter Tiffany, we contacted her to ask her the ins and outs of how this incredible setup came together.

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“My little girl was always doing simple experiments from YouTube, then she discovered the series Project Mc2 on Netflix which is all about 4 young girls who are into science” is what Angela told us when we asked how they came up with such a creative theme for Tiffany’s party. It is hard to be unique in the world of parties these days, but Angela definitely hit this one out of the ball park!

Angela told us that she is such a sucker for detail that she made all of the decorations and food herself (yes, including that incredible balloon garland!). One tip from Angela to ensure an organised timeline is – “I always plan an afternoon Sunday party as this gives me Saturday to bake and Sunday morning to set up”. Super clever, right?

Tiffany also got to play a part in the planning of this magnificent event, saying “My daughter helps me with the planning process and draws little pictures of the set up design. She just adores all the games and activities and loves how special it makes her feel!”. We can totally understand why, this theme is now on the never ending list of party themes we want to cram into one for our own party.

Angela told us how her favourite part of the parties she puts on is not only seeing her daughter’s friends eyes light up at the magical wonderland they have just entered into, but also seeing the Mum’s soaking up the details and wishing they were kids again, and we all do too.

A very big thank you to Angela for allowing us to share here, and you can follow Peony Pepper Events and Styling on Facebook to see more of the beautiful parties she creates.

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