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Goodbyn Hero Review


My son is 12 months old and finally my baby is old enough to have a packed lunch! Not only a packed lunch for an outing but for a 7-hour road trip *fist pumps!

The very kind Helena from Kindy Stuff posted just in time for our holiday and I will happily admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Online product photos don’t do this handled lunchbox justice and it is not only larger than first perceived but also sturdier.


The Goodbyn Hero features 3 compartments, one sandwich size and two smaller compartments suitable for grapes or crackers. You also receive two dipper containers with leak proof lids, perfect for yoghurt or in our case, ravioli and cheese sticks!


As a first time Mum, I have been so excited to get into the lunchbox game. Dinosaur sandwich cutters, here is my credit card! Lunchbox game of cheese knots & crosses anyone? One of the main features I wanted from a lunchbox was a secure lid that promised no leaks. Goodbyn lids are best closed by first pressing down in the centre of the lid. This squeezes the air out, provides a snug fit and kept our food nice and fresh! Success on the secure lid requirement.


My only negative is a personal one, the lids to the two dipper containers are bound to get lost or misplaced so if you have a black hole tuppaware cupboard, beware!

You can pick up a Goodbyn Hero here and Helena the owner has so generously offered a storewide 10% discount code if you enter FF10 at checkout.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading.

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