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Munchbox Maxi 6 Blue Hero Review


I’ve been ridiculously excited to test drive a bento style lunch box and I’m pleased to report the Munchbox Maxi 6 didn’t disappoint.

The Maxi has six food compartments of varying sizes and measures 22 x 16 x 6cm when closed. Due to the clever seals built into the lid of the munchbox, you will not run the risk of lunch lid separation resulting in spillage, which is such an integral component ensuring you are purchasing a well made bento box.


It’s bright and engaging tray was extremely beneficial to me as I was rather clueless as to what to pack for a nutritious and well balanced lunch, so the printed prompts are great to follow as a guide. Not only are the prompts helpful to ensure you are providing variety, they also ensure your child’s lunch is well portioned and offers an array of food groups to keep kiddos well nourished throughout a busy school day.

Two features of the Munchbox Maxi I have found most beneficial would have to be it’s leakproof design and the little finger friendly latch that’s easy for children to open without parental assistance.

My son has only recently turned one, and although there’s currently loads of space, I’m stoked the Munchbox will grow with him.


A very big thank you to Lyndall from Little Tots Treasures for so generously providing this Munchbox for review, if you want to shop the range you can do so here. and Lyndall has also included a discount code for Mumspo Mag readers for 10% off when you enter the code mumspo18 at checkout.

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