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Omie Box Review


If you aren’t familiar with the Omie box I hope you find this post informative as this is hands down my new favourite lunch/bento box. I’ve tried so many over the years and this is by far the sturdiest and most versatile.


The omie box was so very kindly sent to us to take for a test drive by the lovely Anna owner of Lunchbox Mini. It’s available in a few different colours, it’s super sturdy and extremely versatile as you can use the thermos bowl to send items hot or cold, or remove that section giving you the option to pack a roll, wraps or sandwich in its place.

My son is rather rough and tumble so I put the omie box through its paces to ensure no leakage when bounced around the school bag. I loaded sections with yoghurt and jelly, and despite the school bag being tipped upside down and shaken vigorously, there were was no leakage and the contents remained in their designated compartments.


My favourite feature of the omie is the integrated vacuum insulated bowl that allows you to pack a hot or cold lunch depending on the season. Being the middle of winter I packed homemade fried rice and was pleasantly surprised it remained hot. Over the years I’ve noticed the more items I tend to pack my children’s lunch in means the higher the chance they are of being lost, and I love the omie is practically a bento and thermos all
in one.


Over the past week we have used the omie everyday and it’s impressed me more with each use. We’ve packed spaghetti and meatballs, chicken salad, sushi, sandwiches for the park and rice paper spring rolls, and I am at ease the food remains at a healthy temperature for consumption. My younger son has been using it too and the chunky handle and lid on the insulated bowl is great for small hands as they can open it easily.

The compartments are generous in size and quite deep ensuring you can pack a decent amount of food for older children or those with larger appetites, although you still have a grasp on portion control by adding a few different fruits, whole grains or veggies to each section and by using the small divider.


Overall I’m super impressed by both the quality and functionality, the omie is strong and built to last and I would highly recommend this box to every Mum I know. Despite being priced towards to the top end of the lunch scale at $64.95 I believe the omie is a great investment based on the quality and practicality and I have no negatives to add to this review it’s fantastic.

Anna has so generously offered a discount code exclusive to Mumspo Mag readers, so if you would like to purchase a Omie you can shop here and the code is OMIELOVE to receive $5 off.

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