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DIY Pompom Rug


What do you get when you combine some wool, and outdoor mat and some toilet rolls?

An adorable pompom rug for your little one!

The very clever Annalisa from our Kmart Mums facebook group has come up with an easy tutorial on how to create your own beautiful pompom rug ad we can’t believe how simple it is.

All you need are the following materials:
Two toilet rolls
Kmart outdoor mat

*Bear in mind that one ball of wool will make roughly 9 pompoms. 
The rug featured was made with 126b pompoms and required 15 balls of wool.

To make the pompoms, simply wrap the wool around the cardboard rolls until you achieve a nice thickness of approximately one inch in width and roughly 1cm in height.

Once you have completed the first step of wrapping the wool, hold the wool tightly and push the cardboard rolls out.

Tie into a knot and cut the loops of wool to reveal a fluffy pompom, ensuring you leave enough wool behind to attach to the mat.

Attach your pompoms to the mat by tying them to the underside of the mat as shown in the images below.

Continue to tie either at random or in a pattern until the mat is completely covered.

And there you have it, a beautiful new rug that could quite possibly be one of the easiest hacks we’ve come across.


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