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The 3 Best Handmade Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts!


Last week we brought you the Top 6 Father’s Day Gifts He Will Love from some incredible small businesses in our Mumspo Mag Community. With only just a few days until Father’s Day, we created a handmade guide for those who may have left it to the last minute! Handmade gifts are often ones that are the most treasured for years and years. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your child have fun and create a beautiful gift for their loved ones, and even more so on special occasions!

A fun alternative to the traditional mug or pair of socks that come home from the school Father’s Day stand is to have your little ones make something that their dad’s can keep forever. Over at Mumspo HQ, we had the help of Gracie, Tobias and Ellora to come up with some super cute and easy handmade gifts. At ages 6, 2 and 10 months, we decided on some little projects that can work for most ages, here’s what we came up with:

1. “Love you to Pieces”
This project was Gracie’s favourite. She is such an arty girl and loves nothing more to spend time making things for people she loves. This super simple handmade activity turned out beautiful, and here’s how we did it:

Child Safe Acrylic Paints
Plain Wood Photo Frame
Cheap Puzzle
Craft Glue

Step 1- Have the paints squeezed out on some paper, big enough to fit the puzzle pieces in. Remove the insert from the frame and have the glue ready to use.
Step 2- Dip a puzzle piece into the paint and cover it completely. Put a dot of Craft Glue on the frame and stick down the puzzle piece.
Step 3- Repeat step 2 until the full frame is covered, alternating paint colours if you wish.
Step 4- Write “love you to pieces” on plain or patterned paper and put in frame. You could also have the child hold the paper that says “love you to pieces” and put that in the frame!

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2. “Framed Dad Art”
This was definitely the favourite of 2 year old, Tobias, who absolutely LOVES to get messy and use his hands. The perfect  option for those with younger kids who just like to get right into their art.

Child Safe Acrylic Paints
2 Sheets of White Scrapbook Paper
Craft Glue

Step 1- Squeeze out some paint onto one of the sheets of paper, covering a good surface space and let your child dig in! Have them smear it around with their hands and make whatever their heart desires! (In Tobias’ case, a picture of ‘paint’. Yes. That is what he told us he wanted to make). Keep adding different colours of paint to the page and have your child repeat until there is a good mix of colour.
Step 2- After letting the masterpieces dry, on your second piece of paper, have an adult trace the glass of the frame you have picked to display the art work in on the second piece of white paper. In this case, we picked a 7×5″ frame which was a great size to be able to have sit on a desk and not take up too much room. Then you will need to pick a section of the painting with the most colour or pattern in it, place the glass over and trace it to cut it out. Write the word ‘DAD’ on the white paper and cut it out (making sure to have an adult present here if your child is cutting their own letters out)!
Step 3- Using the Craft Glue, have your child stick the letters onto their painting. Pop it into the frame and wa-la! You’re done! Cute, right?!

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3. “To The Moon & Back”
Little Ellora is only 10 months old, so you can imagine that we were quite limited with options when it comes to getting her involved with handmade crafts, but this super simple footprint art was perfect for her!

White Scrapbook Paper
Child Safe Acrylic Paint
Glitter Paper
Sticky Foam

Step 1- It’s important that you pay close attention to your young children around paints,  even when they are child safe they are not intended to be ingested. To do this, we made sure to hold Ellora securely enough that she was not able to get her hands in the paint (because at this age, any thing that goes on her hands, goes in her mouth). You first need to put some paint on a piece of paper to dip the childs foot in. Make sure the foot is completely covered in the paint and stamp it onto the scrapbook paper.
Step 2- Cut triangles from the sticky foam to create the rocket ship “wings” and “nose”. Add 3 PomPoms as the “windows” and cut a “flame” from the glitter card to stick at the bottom. We also added round sticky glitter dots as stars! Finish it off by adding “I love you to the moon and back” and you’re done! Quick and easy and perfect for those sentimental Dads.

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And that is all for some last minute Father’s Day gifts that your little ones can make! We would love to see your own favourite handmade Father’s Day gifts so be sure to share them with us – we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Mumspo Mag x



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