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MOJO Kombucha Giveaway


During our weekly grocery shop at Aldi, we were walking past the soft drink. Like a bad (yet inevitable) case of dejavu, for the past few weeks my 6 year old asks “mummy, can I have a special drink please” whilst pointing at the soft drink.
Master E recently scored a soft drink at my birthday party and has become slightly addicted to the sweetness of it. As a family we are a firm believers of everything in moderation, however, due to some health issues for Ethan, this is something we can’t allow. It breaks my heart that I am the mum that has to say no to something so simple, but it is what it is.


As we were walking past the fridge, my husband pointed to the Mojo Kombucha, and said “why not this instead?” To be honest, I had never heard of Kombucha! After a quick mid aisle google search I found MOJO Beverages and a wealth of information.
MOJO Kombucha is a natural drink that not only tastes brilliant, it’s healthy and contains scientifically proven probiotics.

As every parent would know, the most important requirement (despite something being healthy) is the taste. I thought we were going to struggle getting this one past Master E. He can sniff a hidden mushroom out from 3000km away, and is still locked in a battle to the death with pears. I thought there was no way we were getting this past him as a substitute to the sweetness of soft drink.

I held my breath as he took a sip… AHHHHHH REFRESHING! He liked it!

The taste of Kombucha is not overly sweet, it’s quite refreshing. It’s what you would imagine old school passionfruit drink that our grandma’s used to make tastes like. It took me back to my childhood of picking a warm passionfruit straight off the tree and eating it.


As mums, we are so busy, we barely look after ourselves, MOJO Kombucha is allowing us the opportunity to enjoy a cool drink and provide important probiotics all at once!

When they reach the gut alive, probiotics help to restore and replenish the good, natural bacteria in the digestive system and reduce the growth of harmful organisms. It all comes back to the gut – when the gut is in healthy balance, the body can absorb and eliminate with maximum efficiency. If the nutrients available are actively absorbed, and waste products and toxins are efficiently removed, your entire system can operate as it should.

Many probiotics are killed off in the stomach due to gastric juices before they even reach the intestines to be of any benefit. It doesn’t matter if your product is brimming with probiotics; if the stomach juices kill them all off then they are of no use to your health.

To ensure that the probiotic benefits have reached the gut alive, MOJO products have over 1 billion living organisms of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 probiotics in every bottle of MOJO for extra gut health insurance.

Our friends over at Mojo recently reached out to us to let us know they are now stocking family sized passionfruit MOJO Kombucha at Aldi – retailing for $5.99. This ends up being a fantastic budget friendly option for your next family dinner, BBQ or even kids parties!

Here at Mumspo HQ we’ve been sharing it during our staff meetings, served in a tall glass with lots of ice and fresh fruit, whilst discussing our dreams of a summer vacay! As a family we’ve been enjoying kombucha with dinner each night too.

MOJO Kombucha are offering our Mumspo Mag community an opportunity to win a case of their amazing Crafted Passionfruit Kombucha!

1st prize – 12 bottles of MOJO Kombucha Passionfruit and a merchandise pack – total value $91.90
2nd and 3rd prizes – MOJO Kombucha merchandise packs – total value $20.00 each

Click below to enter and check the chilled juice cabinet during your next Aldi shop.

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  1. Annette Logan August 31, 2018

    I will certainly be looking for this when I next stop. I had previously heard about it but now i’m Convinced. Can’t wait to reak the benefits. 💛

    1. Mumspo Mag August 31, 2018

      You definitely won’t regret it, Annette!

  2. Natalie Ward September 1, 2018

    My son loves this. It would be amazing to win. We make our own but we love this as our go to when we are out

  3. Debbie O’Donnell September 1, 2018

    Never tried this drink before. heard about it on Gumtree.

  4. Penny McGrath September 4, 2018

    Love that this is in family size 🙂


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