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Chocolate Platters


Chocolate dessert platters are visually appealing, easy to assemble and can be budget friendly provided you purchase all the chocolate and sweets when half price at the supermarket.


They have become increasingly popular in our Facebook group Party Mums, and I believe this death by chocolate platter trend is due to the simplicity and how easy they are to customise to the event/seasonal theme.


Created by Erin F of Party Mums

We reached out to our Party Mums group members, and as always they’ve delivered the goods. These platters are incredible and almost worthy of a phone screen lick-a-roo!

Our top tips when creating a chocolate platter are –

1. Variety is key
Opt for a minimum of 5 different chocolate varieties and a good mix of white, milk and dark that will provide contrast and cater to all of your guests favourites.

2. Fruit on
The inclusion of fresh berries will ensure the platter isn’t a sea of brown and they will also act as a palate cleanser too. Strawberries and raspberries work best with chocolate.

3. Include a sweet dip.
You could use a small chocolate fountain, combine cream cheese and caramel, make a salted caramel sauce or use Nutella or a store bought coulis.

4. Texture
It’s important to include a variety of chocolates and biscuits or wafers into your platter to please the palate. A fruit and nut chocolate or Tim Tam’s would be my pick and small snack sized bars would work well too.

5. Pretty Presence
Whether you opt for a large board or Kmart tin tray, the inclusion of colour in the form of lollies or fresh flowers can soften the look of your platter.

If you are stuck for a gift for a friend or family member who seems to have everything, they also make a wonderful gift for a chocoholic.


Created by Lerida B

They are also great for Easter and Christmas too!

Thank you to our lovely Party Mums members for allowing us to share your images with our Mumspo Mag community. If you platter on at your next party or are thinking of trying your hand at one this Christmas, please send us your images as we’d love to see your creations.

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