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Trick Or Treat – Sweet Ideas


Halloween has become increasingly popular in Australia over the years and it’s an American tradition we’ve excitedly embraced for LOLLIES!!

With young children we tend to avoid maximum gore in the way of fake blood stained sheets and realistic skeletons, and instead opt for cute pumpkins, friendly faced bats and non spooky costumes. My children love to trick or treat and equally adore a knock on the door from children in our neighbourhood eager for sugar.

We reached out to our Mumspo Mag community via our Halloween Mums Facebook group, and once again the clever clogs have delivered.

Here are a few fun ways to gift sweets to the trick or treaters this Halloween.
I highly recommend only giving individually wrapped lollies.


Candy Hands
Budget friendly and very effective are these gloves filled with lollies. Shaylie also sprayed the gloves with red paint to look like blood.


Image courtesy of Shaylie M


Spider Pops
Cute and easy to assemble and one activity the kids would easily be able to assist with using lollipops, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.


Image courtesy of Terri-Ann M


Ghost Pops
Mandy from My Lovely Little Nest assembles these cute ghost pops every year. Simply wrap a lollipop in a serviette, tie off with ribbon or twine and draw on the eyes and mouth.



Individual Lolly Bags
If Halloween is popular in your area and you don’t want to run out of lollies, to avoid children taking a huge handful of sweets, individual bags are a great alternative.


Image courtesy of Tegan H


Happy trick or treating.

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