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Balloon Garlands Made Easy Tutorial


If you’re a member of our Facebook group Party Mums you’d be familiar with the hype around this trend. An abundance of balloons nestled closely together featuring a cornucopia of colour and strung above a party or dessert table.


There are incredible balloon artists on Instagram who create balloon garlands for a living, and then there are mothers with smaller budgets who are making them at home for a fraction of the cost. I can confirm they are so much easier to make than they look so I encourage you to give one a try.

Two of the Mumspo Mag team have both had childrens parties in the last week and we’ve found the easiest way to create a balloon garland. No needle or fishing line required for the win!


The trick is garden wire and we picked this up for $2 at The Reject Shop.
The best part of using this wire means you can manipulate the shape of your garland to create an arch, square or curved shape to feature above your party table.


Here’s how to create an easy Balloon Garland

You’ll need –
Balloons (60 is a good amount to start with but extra is good for ‘popage’ purposes)
Garden Wire
3m hooks to attach to the wall
Optional – Balloon pump and double sided tape

Step 1. Find a friend to help. While a balloon garland can be achieved solo, it’s easier to have another set of hands so one can inflate and tie the balloons and one can push onto the wire.

Handy Hint – If you aren’t keen on blowing up 60 plus balloons, I used this $2 pump from Kmart and it made light work of the task at hand.


Step Two Unravel the entire length of wire. It’s easy to cut off any excess later than realise you’ve cut it too short to begin with.

Step Three – Once your balloons are inflated it’s time to push them onto the wire. Pierce the wire through the tied tail of the balloon and push it along the length of the wire leaving a 30cm gap at the end so you can tie it too the wall.


You can either feed the balloons on one by one as shown here for a random colour effect when using 3 or less colours.

For a more structured look you can tie two balloons together and feed them on in alternating colours when using 4 colours. This was a Wiggles themed garland so I inflated and tied red and blue balloons together and purple and yellow together and fed them on in a pattern. I used confetti balloons as accents but you could use flowers too and they also work well as gap fillers.

Step Four – Step back and see if you have any gaps. You can carefully manipulate the balloons to cover any gaps or add more balloons. You can reach in and tie them to the wire or use double sided tape too so they nestle between neighbouring balloons. The donut balloons in in the pastel balloon garland were adhered with double sided tape.

Step Five –
Snip the unrequired length off the wire ensuring you leave 30cm each side to hang it by. The pretty pastel garland was hung outside so extra wire was tied to the main length and tied up to the roof. The Wiggles garland was hung using two 3m hooks and again extra wire tied to the main piece and wrapped around the 3m hook.


Both of these garlands were made the night before the parties and as pictured were still inflated beautifully. With two sets of hands a large garland can be assembled in 45 minutes and the Wiggles one was a solo job and together in 40.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and you try your hand at a balloon garland, they are super easy to put together and add a whimsical feeling above the party table.

Mumspo Mag


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