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Calendula Remedy Balm – Review


Before we begin, we would like to state that we were gifted this product for an honest review. 

As soon as I hopped onto the Herbal Hiraeth website, I knew I was in the right place. I am very into natural and herbal everything, especially when it comes to my skin. Opening up the website just overwhelms you with such calmness and a feeling of being with nature. 

After clicking onto the Calendula Remedy Balm and having a read of the description of what this product does, one thing jumped out at me: ‘lip balm’. Now, this amazing balm does so many more things. In fact you can use it for pretty much anything – after sun treatment, moisturiser, even a makeup remover – but I have struggled with lips drier than the Sahara Desert for a very long time, so of course this is what appealed to me most. I have tried absolutely everything on my lips – every kind of balm under the sun, lip scrubs, even lip masks, but nothing comes close to repairing these cracked ol’ things. At least until now. 

As I swiped a small amount of product across my lip, I am not kidding when I say this, I felt instant relief. It was like a brush of hydration and I could feel it absorbing and revitalising, I didn’t think it could be true. As it was seeping into my lips I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would last – will the bliss be short lived? Regular lip balms last about 25 minutes maximum on my lips before they’re totally and utterly dry and feel horrible again, so I was sceptical. 

I put it on at 9.30am and went to work for the day. At 5pm I walked over to my car and hopped on in – my normal routine after work is to lather up with any lip balm I can reach to relieve my lips from that horrible cracked feeling. It wasn’t until I got home and reached for my balm to bring inside that I realised I didn’t reapply afterwards. It had actually worked. Maybe a once off? I couldn’t tell. But I lapped up that feeling in case it didn’t last. 

For a full week I tried this product so I could give my full thoughts on it. So here’s where I’m at:

*Every day I have applied the balm to my lips before I apply my makeup for the day and then a very small amount again before I go into work to ensure it lasts me all day. I also pop it on before I go to bed after I’ve done my regular skin care routine. My lips feel INCREDIBLE! I truly think I’ve found my miracle product, the one thing that I will recommend to anyone and everyone and that I will always have with me. 

I also thought I would test the products moisturising properties on another dry part of my skin – my elbows. Not something people generally talk about I know, but my elbows have always been very,very dry. I applied the Calendula Remedy Balm to one elbow for 3 days, whilst doing nothing to my other elbow. By the end of it I truly felt a difference! Typically they feel quite chalky and very cracked, but this balm really does it all and was definitely not what I was expecting when I opened the lid! My left elbow felt smoother and no way near as cracked as my right. It really is a miracle product and I really can’t recommend it enough!

So to put all that into one sentence, you need the Calendula Remedy Balm in your life. No questions about it!

A massive thank you to Herbal Hiraeth for introducing this incredible product to my life, I am so excited to keep using it!

You can purchase it in the 20g size here, or the 45g size here, and Herbal Hiraeth are giving Mumspo readers 10% off when you use the discount code MUMSPO10.

We would love to hear how you feel about this product, so hop on over to our Hot Mess Beauty Mums group and let us know what you think!

Mumspo Mag x


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