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Preparing For Your Photo With Santa! Top Tips From a Santa Photographer


As a Santa photographer, the question I get asked the most is “how can I get a good photo of my child with Santa?”. There’s no one way that works for every child, but I thought I’d list the top tips I give to our customers to help you all with your own littles!

Reversing child onto Santa:

This one is mainly a trick that works on the younger ones – less than a year old. A great way to get a quick, happy photo is to carry your little one in to see Santa – facing you. Don’t turn them around to see Santa right away, keep their attention by talking and playing with them as much as you can. Reverse them on to Santa while still keeping their attention, be quick and walk back out of the photo – keep that attention there and let the photographer do their thing! When this works, the little one is none the wiser that they’re even with Santa! Make sure you let the photographer know that this is what you are doing so they are ready and prepared to get the shot!

Coming in prior to having photo taken:

Coming to visit Santa on a day prior to having your photo taken is a great way to get your kids comfortable with the big man in red. Sometimes just having that little extra experience makes all the difference! Almost every Santa Set will let you visit without having a photo taken.

Prepare to be in the photo:

Guaranteed, multiple times a day I will hear parents say “I wasn’t ready to be in the photo”. It’s best to make sure you’re prepared and ready to hop in to have a photo with your kids if need be – sometimes children won’t settle at all until they’re with their parents, and so often these shots are beautiful! Not everyone loves to have their photo taken, so if you’re prepared you’ll feel much better about quickly jumping in – plus, how often do you get a family photo?!

Have kids write Santa a letter:

Having your little ones draw a picture or write a letter to Santa is a great way to get them excited about their visit. Doing this a couple of days before builds the suspense of what Santa will say about the special picture they’ve drawn or the letter they’ve written, ask your child lots of questions about their creation while you’re waiting in line to keep them thinking about it!

Be quick – first photo is usually the best:

This one is a major tip for the older kids, be quick! So often the first photos are the best, because kids get over it really quickly. The best way is to tell your kids to jump in and have their photo first, and tell Santa what they’d like after. This way they’re still eager to have their chat – not eager to get out the door.

Book in advance:

Many sets have implemented prepaid online bookings in recent years. There’s nothing more agitating for a child than waiting in a 2 hour line to visit Santa, they will be well and truely sick of waiting by then and it will only make for grumpy photos. By booking online you are given a time slot to come in, and are never waiting long at all!

Embrace the cry:

Sometimes, kids just wont smile. It’s a strange environment with new people so it’s totally understandable! If you’re desperate for a photo so you haven’t skipped a year on your wall full of Christmas photos, let the photographer know to just take one of them crying so you can pick them up and give them a big cuddle so they aren’t distressed for long. Trying to push a child who is absolutely screaming to sit and smile for a photo isn’t going to do any good for any one and will only make the experience worse! Embrace the cry and keep it as a memory to look back on in years to come.

We wish you all luck in getting your beautiful photos in Santa, we would love to hear your top tips for getting that money shot of your children!

Mumspo Mag x


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