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The Wiggles Party Food Ideas + Bonus Recipe


We recently celebrated my sons second birthday with a Wiggles themed party and it was loads of fun for both the adults and children. Using the colours of skivvy’s as inspo and incorporating the characters, I was able to get creative with the food and sweet treats and wanted to share if you’re planning a Wiggles party.

Birthday Cake 

Yes it’s far from perfect but made with all the love in the world. I used two store bought mudcakes (caramel & white chocolate), stacked them and covered them in blue buttercream. I went for a ‘fruit salad yummy yummy’ theme with the cake and used a variety of fruit shaped lollies to cover the top. I added the little figurines and a few sprinkles around the base and it wasn’t time consuming and my son adored it.
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Dorothy’s Donuts
These only took 10 minutes to put together and were inhaled at the party. I didn’t want to mess around cooking the donuts so I ordered plain donuts from my local Woolworths bakery and only had to decorate for the win.


What you’ll need –
1-2 dozen plain donuts
1 packet of white chocolate Nestle melts
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Green gel food colouring
Yellow Smarties or M&m’s

Method –
Melt the chocolate in the microwave stopping at 1 minute intervals to stir. Repeat until the chocolate is almost completely melted and stir as the heat of the bowl will melt the remaining chunks. Add the vegetable oil and a food colouring and stir to combine. The colour will deepen as you allow it to cool slightly (as per the images) so don’t make it too dark.

Dip the donuts into the chocolate mix, give them a slight jiggle to remove any bubbles that may appear, place on a tray and add the smarties. Do this as quickly as possible as the chocolate will set in minutes.


Wags Wobbly Jelly
Super simple and what kids don’t love jelly. I used purple, blue, red and yellow to match the Wiggles skivvys and prepared these the night before.



Hot Potato Bar
For lunch I couldn’t go past using the hot potato song as inspiration for lunch. In a divided platter I served roast chicken, pasta salad, grated cheese, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and spring onions, alongside a bow of foil wrapped oven baked potatoes. Guests were able to serve themselves and they were thoroughly enjoyed.


Captain Featherswords Treasure
A sweet little addition to the dessert table was this stand filled with chocolate coins to represent pirates treasure. An image of Captain feathersword complete with a feather and the kids enjoyed adding them to their lolly bags.



Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy
No Wiggles party is complete without fruit to match the iconic song and these little fruit wands were the first to go.



If you’re currently planning a Wiggly party have fun and I hope one or several of these ideas have been helpful.

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