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Free Command Centre!


We know how hard it is to keep your family organised particularly with little ones (and let’s face it, even without them), so we’ve come up with a little something to help you keep on top of the chaos that is life.

Our free Command Centre comes blank and ready to customise for your family in 3 different colours and designs – Monochrome, Bright and Pastel. We’ve even listed the printing and framing links & instructions to make it all that easier for you!


1. Pop to your nearest Kmart to purchase some frames for your Command Centre! By having them in frames you can easily write on them with a whiteboard marker and wipe away when needed. We recommend these square frames from Kmart to be a perfect size.

Black 8×8″

White 8×8″

Black 6×6″

White 6×6″

2. After downloading your Command Centre below and choosing which design you like best, pop to your local print centre to print out the files. We found Kmart to be the cheapest in this instance, and also more convenient when you are purchasing the frames too. If you print the files in 8×8 size, it will cost you approx $4 per print and $1.20 for a 6×6 size. If you’re wanting to save some cash, opt for the ‘next day pick up’ option!

And it’s as simple as that! Pop your prints in their frames and hang them on the wall (hanging them in a square is a bit more space conscious if you need it).

We can’t wait to see you share your gorgeous Command Centres hung up in your homes.

Mumspo Mag x


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