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Christmas Savings Chart – Free Printable


I know, talk of next Christmas while still eating leftover ham and Rocky Road seems absurd, but organisation is key to reducing financial stress in the lead up to the silly season.

The Mumspo Mag team have created this free printable download allowing you to save $1,275 in 50 weeks. We’ve seen the charts where you save $1 week one, $2 week two and so on, but we’ve opted for that in reverse as December is often the most expensive time of year.

We’ve also made the chart fun to save, each week you bank the allocated funds you colour in that row of the Christmas tree. I can’t wait to have the entire tree coloured knowing i’ll have just over $1200 ready to spend.

If you have a larger family, you’re planning a Christmas holiday or have a larger budget and more disposable income, you can just as easily double the allocated figures.

You can download your free copy right here, you’ll receive the colour in Christmas tree and the Christmas savings plan so you can keep track of everything effortlessly.

We hope this make your life a little easier and we’d love for you to tag us on social media if you implement this savings plan.

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