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Gardening With Kids


Wishing you could spend more time gardening, but those kids you had a few years ago won’t give you any time to yourself to garden amazingly? Why not garden with the kids!? It’s totally doable, you can have it all. Gardening can instil a sense of achievement, and self pride in children, as they watch the plants they’ve nurtured grow. Giving little hands set tasks helps with their development of object control, gross motor skills, and even fine motor skills. Mother of the year for you.

Time to make some decisions.

Where do you want this garden to be? In the ground? Raised garden bed? Large pots? Small pots? Small containers that you and your child painted together? This all depends on your space, and how you feel about digging. Any small containers that don’t have drainage holes will require adding some. You don’t want your plants to drown in the next rain. Get to know the area. I suggest checking it here and there for a day or two, so you know how much sun it does or doesn’t get throughout the day. This will help when choosing in store later.

Seeds, seedlings, or small plants? Seeds are seasonal. They need to be planted at certain times of the year. They also take longer to grow than seedlings and small plants. Because they are starting from scratch. If you want to skip the new born phase, or it’s not the right time of the year for the seeds you want to grow, go straight for seedlings, and small plants. You could even do both.

You know your location. You’ve decided what you are putting your new foliage in, if you want seedlings, small plants, or seeds. It’s time to pick what you are planting in store. Your space and placement will be the real deciders in the end. Some things cannot tolerate full sun, and some things cannot tolerate full shade. Some things may be too big for your space. You can choose flowers, succulents, scratch n sniff; a garden made up of plants that give off a scent when their leaves are crushed, or edible; herbs, strawberries, snow peas, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. You know your area well, read labels, find out which plants will best suit the area best, check what size your plants will eventually become, pick out your favourites with your little helper, and take them to their new home. Wait till the cooler hours of the afternoon to plant. Your plants will get upset if you plant them when it’s too hot.


Planting, weeding, pruning, collecting edibles, and maintaining your garden. It’s long term fun, pride, and achievement. Don’t forget to slip slop slap before spending long periods outdoors in the Australian sun. It doesn’t take long to burn, even on overcast days.

Happy Gardening,

This post was written for Mumspo Mag by the very clever Ricki from The Green Thumb Mum



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