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Back To School Bake Off – Recipes


Hi ladies, and thank you for joining in this years back to school bake off. Most of you reading this would probably know me as Mandy the weird, organised, pastel loving baker addict from My Lovely Little Nest, but I’m also so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Mumspo Mag team (AND thank you so much for allowing me to take over here).

I’m currently locked out of my blog as I can’t remember my password (yeah laugh on my hubby did) so this year i’ll be sharing recipes for the bake off here.

The objective is to bake 5 items either from this list, your own recipes or packet mix on if you prefer, and freeze those items making term 1 of school so much easier. You can bake only sweet or savoury or a mix of both, there’s no rules just do as you please.

Once we’ve trashed our kitchens post Martha cook up, please come and share your hauls on my Facebook page as I love to see what you’ve all made.

If your child/children’s schools have prohibited ingredients such as eggs and peanuts etc please be mindful before donning your apron and cranking up the oven.

Ok enough chit chat lets get to the recipes!

Savoury Recipes –

Mini Quiche – Recipe here
Super quick and easy and budget friendly as you can get one dozen from one sheet of store bought puff pastry.








Cheesymite Scrolls – Recipe here
Budget friendly and my boys favourite.



Cheese & Bacon Scrolls – Recipe here
Another quick and easy recipe and you can add pizza sauce, olives and capsicum and mushroom and make a pizza version too.



Veggie Fritters – Recipe here
Relatively healthy and perfect for the lunchbox.



Cheesy Chicken and Sweetcorn Sausage rolls – Recipe here
Great hot or cold.



Cheesy Corn Fritters – Recipe here
Ideal for recess or in place of a sandwich



Chicken and Veggie Balls – Recipe here
Perfect for kids who aren’t a fan of sandwiches and ideal to send in a thermos.



Pizza Pockets – Recipe here
My kids love these so much.



Cheesy Noodle & Veggie Slice – Recipe here
Another great sandwich alternative



Gozleme – Recipe here
Delicious cold and great to also have in the freezer for a quick afternoon tea or dinner.



Sweet Recipes –

Cheats Blueberry MuffinsRecipe here
These cheat muffins include a store bought cake mix and they are a huge hit with my little cherubs.




Old Fashioned Biscuits ( Makes up to 100) – Recipe here
Super budget friendly and you can add any toppings you please.



Anzac Biscuits – Recipe here
You can’t go wrong with the classics



Fluffy PikeletsRecipe here
Freeze and defrost beautifully.




Apple Pie Scrolls – Recipe here
The perfect sweet treat for the lunchbox and since I shared this recipe I now cook the apples first and makes them extra delicious.



Ham & Cheese Pastry Puffs – Recipe here
Only 4 ingredients and super quick and easy.







I can’t wait to see what you all bake and see you in the Facebook event on Sunday.




  1. Fiona January 15, 2019

    Thank you for the inspiration, looking forward to Sunday’s bake off.

  2. Peta January 19, 2019

    Amazing recipes, my family loves them all.


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