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Australia Day Food Ideas


We’ve complied a few simple Australia day food ideas for you, minimum fuss for an Aussie summer and some of these recipes would be ideal for an Aussie themed birthday party too.




Aussie Platter Goodness –
Jordy. C one of our clever Party Mums group members put this themed platter together loaded with iconic goodies are we’re loving it. Hello fairy bread and lamingtons.



Cheese, Bacon & Onion Cob
So many of you made this over Christmas and New Years and they are ideal for Australia Day.
You Can find our easy recipe here.



No Bake Australia Day Cake
This cake is right up my alley as there’s no need to turn the oven on, just a quick trip to Woolies and a few decorations and boom!
You can find the recipe here.



Australia Cheese Platter
This platter is total goals, so simple yet so effective. If you’re heading to the beach or a park this could easily be assembled on site in minutes.
This was created by the very clever Carol. B



Koala Cupcakes 
We were able to put these cupcakes together in an hour using a store bought packet mix. The kids decorated them with green buttercream, green and gold sprinkles and a bag of $3 kola Koalas from Kmart which you can view here.



Koala Arrowroots
Decorated in the same way as the cupcakes above.


Koala Biscuits
Only a handful of ingredients required to create these super cute biscuits, and you can find the recipe here.



Mini Quiche
Super quick and easy to make and the perfect one handed snack while fielding in backyard cricket!
You can find our recipe here.



Aussie Pavlova
Amy. J is another of our clever Party Mums group members, and hacked this store bought pavlova base to perfection by cutting it to the shape of our great nation. In ultimate clever fashion Amy has incorporated the fruit to match each state. NSW – Big Banana, SA – grapes for wine country and the edible chocolate coin represents ACT and the mint.



Koala’s in a Billabong
Mandy from My Lovely little Nest put together this sweet themed party and Caramello Koala’s in green jelly is ideal for the kids. You can use blue jelly if you prefer and we’re loving the addition of lamington jenga, party pies and vegemite sandwiches.



Koala Cupcakes
Bianca. S yet another clever Party Mums member has decorated store bought mini mud cupcakes to create koalas. Bianca has added a little black food colouring to store bought white frosting to make grey, a sprinkling of shredded coconut, candy eyes, marshmallow ears, and choc covered sultanas for the nose. Adorable!



Thank you for reading and if you’re after an Australia day themed chocolate wrapper, you can view our free printable here.

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