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In a digitally driven world we are privy to a plethora of information online regarding healthy lunchboxes and the benefits of nutritious wholesome snacks, however hidden sugars, numbers, preservatives and hard to decipher packaging leave me extremely confused when it comes to purchasing. Despite spending a decent amount of time in the health food aisle of my local supermarket trying to assess what I think may be a good snack choice, I bail every time and walk out of with nothing more than fresh fruit and popcorn.


As a busy working mother my quest for healthy snacks my child will actually eat had become rather tedious and had been placed in the too hard basket, until we were contacted by the lovely Krystal owner of Lunchbox Pals. 
Lunchbox Pals  was launched when Australian Mother Krystal was also fed up with not being able to find many healthy snacks on offer in supermarkets. After chatting to fellow Mums, Krystal found they were too faced with a similar dilemma and her business was born.


Lunchbox Pals strive to eliminate that stress by removing the guess work. They have done the leg work sourcing and researching healthy snack options so you don’t have to and I’m singing all their praises.
They offer a subscription program (or you can purchase a one off box to trial), and the mixed box of snacks is delivered right to your door. There’s both healthy Kids and healthy Mums boxes available, the boxes are loaded with nutritious goodies suitable for the whole family, and I was so pleasantly surprised with the variety. If you sign up to the subscription, Lunchbox Pals are family friendly understanding life can get busy, so they are flexible in allowing you to defer a delivery if you are going on holidays etc. You can also select dietary requirements which ensures no one will miss out, everything has been thought of to make your life easier.


I will only ever give honest and reliable feedback and I truly don’t have a single negative to add to this review. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the variety on offer, there were new and familiar branded snacks, and the convenience has won me over. I also love this way of introducing the kids to new foods, and despite there being one snack the kids weren’t fond of (my Hubby and I liked it), I can’t tell you the relief that we weren’t left with an entire packet like we would have been if we purchased from the supermarket on a whim.


If you have heard of Lunchbox Pals in the past and have been tempted to give it a go, I highly recommend doing so, even if it’s just a one off box to trial with your family.

Thank you again to Lunchbox Pals for so kindly sending us a snack box to review allowing us to share your incredible business with our friendly community and you can check them out here

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