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Lamb, Halloumi & Pistachio Salad with Hummus Yoghurt Dressing


We created this salad for Australia Day (as it’s sacrilege not to have lamb) and added a Mediterranean twist!


The lamb, nuts and cheese make this salad quite hearty so it’s filling enough to be served as a main, but if you’re feeding a crowd you could serve flatbread on the side too.


We’ve added our lamb Meatballs to the salad but you could serve backstrap or a leg of lamb instead and either mix it through or serve alongside.

Ingredients –
Lamb Meatballs – Recipe here
120g bag of mixed or 4 leaf salad greens
100g sugar snap peas halved lengthways
1/2 Spanish onion finely sliced
Handful of Snowpea sprouts
2 Lebanese cucumbers halved and quartered
180g pack of Halloumi
1/4 cup of pistachios
2 tablespoons of hummus
3 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon olive oil
Fresh Lemon wedges
Optional – Avocado, chick peas and sundried tomatoes would all make a lovely addition to this dish.


Method –
Cook the meatballs and set aside covered in foil while you assemble the salad.
To a large salad bowl or platter add the bag of greens, cucumber and half the peas and sprouts.

To a frypan over medium heat, add the olive oil and cook the halloumi for 1-2 minutes each side. It’s ready when it turns a nice golden colour. Add the meatballs, halloumi Spanish onion (which I forgot), the remaining peas and sprouts and the pistachios to the salad.
For the dressing combine the hummus, yogurt and water and mix to combine. You can either dollop this on top of the salad or drizzle, whatever you prefer. Toss the salad at the table, serve immediately with fresh lemon on the side and enjoy.


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