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9 Romantic Things to Do in Sydney


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and people are eagerly searching for ideas to celebrate! Chances are you too are planning or at least dreaming about making this special day extra-special for you & your beau.

Sydneysiders are no exception. Whether you are a lucky mum who just got a magic-wand to spare some time off kids or a busy mom who would love the idea of taking some time to enjoy the day with family, here are some no-fail ideas to make your day super special.

Here is a rundown of romantic things to do in Sydney.

#1 Have a Hangout at the Darling Harbour

Sydney is blessed with spectacular harbour side views. The waterfront location, proximity to excellent restaurants and city skyline makes Darling Harbour the perfect place to admire the city’s beauty especially after sunset hours.

#2 Check out the Latest Theatre Shown in Sydney Opera House

Buy tickets for any of your favourite shown in the Opera House and enjoy a great show. Sydney Opera House is home to some of the world famous theatre shows and its always a good option for a lovely date.

#3 Go for a Romantic Picnic in Watsons Bay

Take a ferry ride to Watsons Bay and carry a picnic basket full of your favourite stuff. For an extra punch of romance, watch a sunset together from the beach or Robertson Park. Its the perfect time to see the iconic landmark, Harbour Bridge and city skyline shine in the vibrant colours of the sky. There are much more things to do in Watsons Bay.

#4 Watch an Outdoor Movie Under the Stars

Outdoor movies, which are quintessential for Sydneysiders are a great way to celebrate togetherness. If you are planning to take kids along, there are a bunch of family friendly movies out there.

#5 Relax on a Dinner Cruise

There are a lot of dinner cruises available to book for a romantic date cruising over the Sydney Harbour. There is nothing quite like enjoying the cool breeze in a hot sunny day. It’s a perfect way to relax and unwind for the day.

#6 Go Hiking

Sydney is loaded with tons of scenic coastal walkways. Why not go hiking in one of those easy trails and take in brilliant views of the ocean, cliffs and harbour? You will surely get a lot of spots for capturing a perfect romantic picture moment with your significant other.

#7 Go Swimming, Diving or Snorkeling

Feeling adventurous on your romantic date? Go for diving or snorkeling or just swimming in the company of your loved one. You can easily find one from the gazillion beaches in Sydney.

#8 Take a Flight in a Sea Plane from Rose Bay

Are you looking for some luxurious, awe-inspiring stint to impress your partner? Then you should probably take a flight in a seaplane from Rose Bay to Palm Beach or somewhere nice and cozy. Sharing this enthralling experience with your partner will make you feel on cloud nine.

#9 Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are up for an extravagant encounter, go for a hot air balloon ride in Sydney’s scenic locations. Don’t forget to raise a toast to the exhilarating experience and precious moments.

This was submitted to Mumspo Mag by The Trailing Mom and you can check her incredible website here and her Facebook Page here.

Nitha left the corporate world after becoming a Mom. With a big move for her family to a brand new country, Nitha found herself filling up time reading mummy blogs online and got totally hooked! She completed her Freelance Writing Diploma and thus The Trailing Mom was born.


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