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Wet n Wild Sydney


Season tickets to Wet n Wild Sydney have become a staple item for our family of 5, and we have no regrets. Yes, I’m 35. Yes, I’m a screamer. No regrets.

Image courtesy of Wet n Wild Sydney

If you are considering grabbing a day entry ticket, or one the season passes for yourself or others, you won’t be disappointed. There’s so much to do and there’s no time for boredom. There’s a calendar on their website that tell you the opening hours, and about any deals they have on. Kids under 3 get in free, and there’s even an area dedicated to little ones full of fun activities, and slides.

A personal favourite area for myself is The Beach. I like to jump all of the waves in the water. Then wait for the next batch to start. It makes me feel like a big kid. The whole park does really. They have quite a few slides to enjoy – some are bigger, and scarier, some are not so scary. I was sticking to the not so scary Mum slides, like The Curler and Double BOWLSeye, after going on the hectic T5 last season. That all changed when I was LOVINGLY begged to go on the Bombora by some of my thrill seeking, and desperate family.

Image courtesy of Experience Oz

It requires 2 or 4 riders, and 3 of them wanted to actually try it this season. I bravely took on leg day again, and climbed the stairway to Bombora. I told my family that I’m doing this for them, and they should be very thankful at least 53 times. When you get close, you can see the half pipe in all of its glory, and watch those before you whip their way down, and up, Bombora. I psych’d myself up one last time, pretending I had this. Sat down, and held on tight. What came next involved a lot of screaming, and keeping my eyes closed. White knuckled. I’m not sad we forgot to tap our wristbands for a photo of us on the slide. Did I enjoy it though. ABSOLUTELY! It was, um, wild!

They sell food, drinks, ice creams, and snow cones at the park. Or you can take in your own food/drinks. We take an insulated cooler bag, and put ice packs in it. The only rule for that is no glass. We grab ourselves a small locker for the valuables and car keys, then head off to enjoy the park with our towels, thongs, snacks and drinks.

Image courtesy of Sydney.com

Are you now planning for the perfect summertime day out in Sydney for the family? Do it! You know you want to. It’s well worth it, and it’s hours of fun. We are all looking forward to going back more than once before school holidays end, and some weekends after school is back. Basically til it’s too cold to go. We highly recommend season passes if you aren’t far away, because greater value for money. It’s a 40 minute drive for us. Well worth the trip. Don’t forget to slip slop slap out there while getting wet and/or wild too.

This article was written for Mumspo Mag by the incredible The Green Thumb Mum who’s Facebook page you can find here.

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