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Holidays Just Mums Life

Cooking? Washing?…No thanks, I need a HOLIDAY


Do you ever dream of just running away for few days?

Well the thing is, for that to happen, you must leave the kids and husband behind. Sounds awesome right?

But hang on a minute, how am I going to figure out what to see, where to stay, plus do I get a few friends together and create an exciting itinerary?”

Will we be able to organise this on top of our day jobs ?

Girls Fun Tours are here to help. But before we tell you who we are and what we do, let’s think about a few factors.

What stops you? Family, friends, time of work?

Motherhood and marriage is a busy time and it can be very stressful. Struggling daily to balance the demands of a “fast paced” life that we all seem to have – I am sure we all remember the movie with Jessica Parker “I don’t know how she does it”…right?

Each of us needs to find our soul, and maybe take the time we need to be the best person we can be – for ourselves and our families. I think is very important for every woman to be rejuvenated and refreshed, taking a break from our daily routine is not a wish, but necessity. And if you plan it now, maybe you can grab a girlfriend to share the experience with, then the break-away will be even more rewarding.

So why should you go on holidays with girlfriends only?

If given the chance to win Lotto, most of us we would say we would live to travel more. It is like therapy that can give you sense of empowerment and confidence, plus you should laugh, smile & laugh a lot, it should be fun. There are many reasons to go on a women-only trip, and everyone will have their own reason…but the main reason is the opportunity to be yourself , to let our hair down, explore and visit new places, make new friendship and most of all relax and make these few days just about you and only you. So if your girlfriends can’t come along, don’t worry, there is probably going to be a few other single ladies that you can buddy up with for the trip in 2019.

Why choose Girls Fun Tours (GFT)? We often find ourselves stressing when trying to plan something that’s right for everyone! Correct?

GFT provide fully escorted holidays for Women only. From flights, accommodation, daily activities and V.I.P night entertainment, we will deliver all the fun without the stress

With 24 years of personal travel experience, GFT knows the right places, the right times and the right point of interest that will deliver impact and great memories. If you want the WOW factor and to see more things you have only seen in the movies…then Girls Fun Tours is your answer.

Ladies what are you waiting for? If the words fabulous, amazing, sensational, wow, exciting and fun go with your preferences for a great holiday, then this is the trip for you!

Now you’re thinking, this sounds good, can I really take a break and do this ???

From the words of Walt Disney…“If you can dream it, you can do it” 

If you are still not sure why you should travel with girls only, I will give you few good reasons:

Travelling with your BFFs is fun and freedom, it gives you that special time each of us is craving for. We return home feeling renewed and re-energised…we laugh and listen to each other, we drink and dine, discover the world and create friendship and support each other no matter what!  It is as essential as breathing!

So below are my few top reasons on why you should travel with the girls whether they be your best mates or ones you meet on Girls Fun Tours.

  • Relaxation – it might sound crazy having a planned itinerary but it’s not.  One of the best things in going on the holidays with other women is the ability to let your hair down and relax, because it is all about YOU! No kids, no husband to look after! Sounds awesome right? But in order for this to happen YOU MUST leave them behind
  • No judgement – be yourself! Who cares if you are wearing makeup or not, who cares if you gain extra weight or not, you are travelling with girls right? Which means we can drink and eat fabulous food in our new destination, but you are still able to laugh and get some empathy because we are all in the same shoes!
  • You’ll create memories and new friendships – when you travel with like-minded women you discover bonds simply through the wonderful experiences and memories you share together.  Very often, new friendships continue when you return home…after all, who else can relate to the excitement of flying over the Las Vegas strip, taking a selfie of the Golden Gate Bridge, or cruising the streets of Vegas in a stretch Limo and sipping bubbles of Champagne.
  • You will always have someone to see the attractions with or shop – no matter whether you are travelling solo or with someone you know, there are always others travelling in the group that have similar interests to you. If you decide you don’t want to follow something on our itinerary and do something else during your free time, you will probably find someone else who will have similar interest and join you to explore more or shop …the choice is yours!
  • Champagne and chocolates sounds good to finish off any night – this is your time to do what YOU want and no-one will disagree with you!

So explore the world with a group of girls because you will have a great time travelling with wonderful, like-minded women who will share their life experiences with you.

Ladies what are you waiting for? If the words fabulous, amazing, sensational, exciting and fun go with your preferences for a great holiday, then this is the trip for you!

For more information on Girls Fun Tours upcoming tour please check their website www.girlsfuntours.com


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