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Koh Cleaning Review


If you haven’t heard of Koh (previously known as Ekoworkx) allow me introduce you to the BEST universal cleaner I’ve ever tried.

I’ve been using Koh for just over three years now, and i’m still elated after each cleaning session as it makes light work of what can otherwise be a tedious and mundane chore.
I went from an under kitchen sink cupboard full of toxic cleaning products to one universal cleaner as Koh can be used in every room of the house and on most surfaces. The microfibre cloths, mop and grout brush would have to be my top three add ons, however we’ve recently tried their essential oils and they are a top contender now too. I added a few drops into the spray mop barrel and the smell is divine leaving clean and streak free tiles.

We store our large 4L bottle of Koh in our laundry cupboard and refill the spray bottles and spray mop barrel as needed. The microfibre cloths are machine washable too as are the spray mop cleaning pads which saves both time, money and adding to landfill.

Koh is eco-certified, a toxic free and chemical free cleaner that also has no fumes or fragrance making it ideal when wanting to reduce your carbon footprint or if you have family members with sensitivity to certain smells.
This brings me so much peace of mind as I have two small children who are always playing with their toys on the floor (one still pops everything in his mouth) so I’m at ease knowing there aren’t any nasty chemicals where they play. The same goes for our kitchen and dining room, our benches and stovetop are cleaned with Koh (as is our dining table), and I’m so content knowing there aren’t any chemicals near where I prepare our food or where we eat it.
As you can see here, the Koh makes light work of oven and stovetop cleaning without the need of a mask like other products on the market targeted to cleaning these areas.

I also left the kids bathroom sink for ten days to show you how well Koh can work on built up grime and high traffic areas within the home and even insisted hubby had a shave in there too ask whiskers are a pain the clean.

Look at that shine on the kitchen sink!

Koh have given our lovely Mumspo Mag readers an exclusive discount code that will give you $10 off your first order when you order a bundle which you can view here.
Simply enter MUMSPOANDKOH at checkout to receive your discount, and we would love you to share your before and after Koh cleaning transformations with us via our socials.
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  1. sandra brown May 29, 2019

    I have just started using KOH thinking I would give it a try as I had tried ENJO and I am amazed that what I used it on – it worked and 100% satisfied.


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