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Easy Minion Easter Hat Tutorial


It’s that time of year again fellow birth givers, love or loathe craft it’s bonnet time!

My son started kindergarten this year and has been most excited to design and plan his hat, he set the brief for minion/bunny and I love the combination of the two.


From start to finish this hat took 3 hours to create which included paper mache drying time, meaning I could wash and clean the house in between.

It was budget friendly only costing $14 to create and here’s what you’ll need if you would like to make one for your child’s hat parade.

What you’ll need –
Hat (we purchased ours from Woolworths)
1 sheet of cardboard
2 packets of cotton balls
Newspaper or an old phone book
Yellow spray paint
Craft glue
Black felt
Ribbon or use remaining felt
Bunny ears
Minion face mask print out
*Hot Glue gun optional

Method –
Fold the sheet of carboard in half and cut and wrap to fit the width of the top of the hat and secure with glue or a stapler.


Inflate the balloon and place in the top of the cardboard cylinder to create the shape of the top of the minions head.


In a small bowl combine flour and water and mix to form a glue like consistency. Using torn strips of newspaper, dip into the flour mix (you can use a paint brush too) and cover the carboard and balloon with three layers. Place out in the sun to dry for at least 1-2 hours or if it’s cool get the hair dryer onto it to speed up the drying process.

Once the paper mache has dried, pop the balloon, cover the paper mache in craft glue and attach the cotton buds tightly to ensure there are no gaps.


Give the cotton buds two coats of spray paint and allow to dry in a sunny place for 45 minutes.


Print and cut out this image, glue to the hat and add two lengths of ribbon (or felt) either side of his goggles.


Image courtesy of Google

Glue strips of felt to the top of the image for his hair and carefully place on the bunny ears.

You can glue the cylinder to the hat to prevent toppling, we added a carrot, and you can also attach ribbon to either side of the hat and tie beneath your child’s chin to making it extra secure.

Get creative, you could use fabric or felt to make his famous blue overalls, add a flower crown etc, have fun with it.


We hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful and if you make this hat please tag Mumspo Mag in your images as we would love to see your creations.

If minions aren’t quite your thing you can also check out this article which features loads of Easter hat parade inspo.

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