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Budget Easter Gifts That Aren’t Chocolate


When people think about Easter gifts the first go to is always chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate? If you are anything like us though, you “accidentally” buy way too much, and some of it never even gets eaten. Instead of more chocolate than you can poke a carrot at, why not half half it? A small, fun gift, and some Easter chocolate too. Living your best gift life. Here are some fun budget friendly ideas kids love, that you can easily pair these with some Easter sweets. Even The Easter Bunny can get in on these!


Kids love bubbles. Bubbles are cheap, fun, and easy to find in so many stores. There’s also a huge variety available, so the only real problem you’ll have is choosing which bubbles to buy. 


Colouring Books and Coloured Pencils

You can’t beat the classics. Colouring books are easy to find and come with your kids favourite characters in them. You can get beautiful adult colouring in books for the older kids too. 



For the little ones who love Play-Doh, why not give them some for Easter? You can get coloured tubs in packs, singular, or even a small Play-Doh Factory. Cookie cutters in Easter shapes can be added too. 


Reading Books

Reading books are an excellent gift for kids and there’s an endless range available to suit all ages too. Books can take their readers on a imaginative journey or provide cool information and fun facts. You can’t go wrong with a book!


A Small Toy

Maybe your kids are more into hatchimals, matchbox cars, or lego? Little toys your kids already love, and don’t break the budget, make great gifts with an Easter Egg or two. Something to play with, as well as a treat to eat. The best of both gift worlds. 


Are you now thinking outside the, um… egg? There can be more to Easter hunts, and Easter baskets than just chocolate. 


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