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Hide and Seek…. With Rocks?


There’s a fabulous new craze hitting New South Wales, and it has everything to do with rocks. If you haven’t heard yet, the “NSW Rocks” Facebook group is the new black. An amazing game of hide and seek that you can enjoy from any location. It can be a joyous family activity with your kids, a solo mission, or fun with a group of friends. This is literally something you can enjoy with everyone and anyone! The group even has instructions on how to best decorate your rocks so they last the distance once you set them free. Appropriate sized rocks fly off the shelves in bags at Bunnings, or you can collect your own in the great outdoors. 

Not only do you get to use your artistic talents to decorate your rocks however you like, you then get to hide them anywhere you like, and wait excitedly for a photo of your hidden treasures to appear, with someone proudly saying they’ve found your dazzling rocks. Then the finder can choose to keep, or hide the rock again for someone else to find. The new hiding spot is finders choice. People not in the group yet are finding decorated rocks, and the message on the back prompts them to join the group and post a photo of their neat find.


There’s no limit on how often you hide rocks, or how many you choose to hide. This is an ongoing game of hide and seek. You could keep a bunch in your car, and leave one at every location you stop at, or you can take them on a special journey far away, and leave them waiting to be found. Hints about location are posted in the group, hiding them is only half of the fun. You want them to be found and enjoyed. 


Rebecca Clemson proudly shows off her beautiful treasures that are ready to be hidden. “We’re addicted. Lots of painting at our house over the weekend”. With a huge pile of rocks hidden in many areas just waiting to be found, and lots of photos of them up in the group, Rebecca wishes you all “Happy Hunting”.



Parents are posting pictures of their children holding their precious finds. Sophie Dowling’s son holds his treasure with pride, a huge grin can be seen spread from ear to ear. All because someone hid a painted rock for him to find. Such a simple action, that brings so much joy to so many. 

This brilliant idea has really taken off already, it’s only going to get bigger. If you aren’t already involved, you need to take a  get into it immediately! Even if it’s just to watch. The entire group is just beautiful. Not in New South Wales? That’s ok. There are rock groups for all the other states and territories in Australia! QLD ROCKS, SA ROCKS, VIC ROCKS, WA ROCKS, NT ROCKS, TAS ROCKS, ACT ROCKS. Jump on it! 


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