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Coles Rainbow Cake Hack


Move over Coles Mud Cake hack, only slightly over, we still love you. I’d like to introduce the Coles Rainbow Cake. A fun, colourful cake that you can hack into any theme you like. I made a pink princess cake with sprinkles splashed up the sides for my nieces 4th birthday, here’s how I did it. It’s really easy.

I used two of the readymade Coles rainbow cakes in a stack. You can use one cake on its own if you don’t need the height. I started by lifting the cake up and taking it’s cardboard circle of the base, then I placed the first cake on my board. Then I took off some of the icing from the top so that the top cake wouldn’t slide off in transit later, and ruin all of my work. There was actually a fair bit on the top. I saved it to use later to fill in the gaps where the two cakes met.


After removing the cardboard from underneath the second cake, I positioned it on top. Then I used the excess icing I had previously saved from the top to fill in any gaps where the two cakes joined, so that my sides had no gaps in the icing. The sides originally had ridges around them in the icing, I smoothed them out, and treated the existing icing as my crumb coat.


Once my homemade pink buttercream icing was on, I added my sprinkles, toppers, and candles. Miss 4 loved the rainbow colours inside. The cake was delicious, and moist. I highly recommend using a Coles Rainbow Cake, or two, for your next cake hack. You’ll find them in the bakery section fridge at your local Coles.



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