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Leapy Green Reusable Shopping Box Bag – Review


Who else goes grocery shopping like this: Jump in the car and drive out of the garage, stopping because you’ve forgotten your reusable grocery bags! Turn the engine off, hop out of the car, run back inside and quickly scramble for some bags you put somewhere the other day when you last went to the shops. Find maybe 2 of them, and then run back to the car. Sound familiar? This was me. Without fail. EVERY time.

Then I found Leapy Green Reusable Shopping Box Bags. When they arrived, I was excited, it had been a long time since any online shopping had been delivered. I opened the parcel and there were four reusable bags stuck together with an inbuilt strap & velcro. What a clever idea I thought. They arrived on a Friday shortly after a group of friends came over for dinner and I’d left them lying on the table. “Wow, what are these?” Another friend, who is super environmentally aware, was thrilled someone else was taking a step in the right direction in helping the environment, however upon lifting them up she pointed out “they’re REALLY heavy. When they’re full, they’ll be difficult to carry!” They were BIG bags; I mean long and tall and looked like they could fit a tonne of shopping in there. We carried on with the evening, but I was a bit disappointed because I thought maybe my friend was right, they were a bit heavy and that was before putting anything inside them?

As I was excited to use these new purchases, I put them in the car ready for my next shopping trip so I could avoid the usual mad dash back inside to grab them. When I arrived and opened my bags to put them inside the trolley, they fit perfectly. I only needed to do a smaller shop this time, but took all four bags with me for the sake of trying them out. I grabbed what I needed, and placed everything inside the bags. I’d only filled 2 of them when I got to the checkout. I thought ‘geez, only two bags? I thought I needed more!’ yet as I was thinking this, I began to realise I actually had a fair bit in each bag. The checkout lady asked me if I needed a bag, and I chirped happily, “no thanks, I remembered my own!” I began repacking everything back into the bags after they were scanned. Repacking everything straight back into the Leapy Green bags really did make the whole experience so much quicker. I tried not to pack them too full as I thought back to the conversation at dinner the previous evening. I didn’t want them to be super heavy. I paid for my shopping and off I went back to the car. I picked up one bag, expecting to struggle a little with lifting it as it was filled with soft drink bottles and tinned pet food. Surprisingly, it wasn’t an issue at all.


When I got home, I unloaded the bags and managed to carry them over my shoulder like a handbag. I half expected the straps to fall down my shoulders, however, they sat snugly and didn’t budge. Basically, these four bags from Leapy Green are worth their weight in shopping bag gold, and are 100% worth the $40 price tag. They are incredibly sturdy, have a huge carrying capacity, they stand up alone & are easy to fold down and pack back into the car when finished.
You can check out Leapy Green Facebook page here and purchase your set of bags from Ebay here

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