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5 Things Every Mum Wants This Mother’s Day


Mothers Day is just around the corner and like most people, we all struggle to find that perfect gift for mum.  I believe that all mothers should be celebrated every day, but on Mother’s Day, it needs to be extra special.  Which is why I am here to help with my top 5 things that every mum will swoon over this Mothers Day. Use it as a tip guide for yourself to help make your mum’s day extra special or feel free to forward this through to your partner to help guide him on the day.

  1. A LITTLE PEACE AND QUIET, you heard right.  Mum is tired and if you give her even 30 minutes to relax and restore herself she will be more focused and energetic.  Gift options to assist her to unwind could be a lavender candle or some relaxing essentials oils.  For the tech mum, she might like some wireless ear pods or a portable speaker to help her transcend into nirvana.
  1. A THOUGHTFUL GESTURE, think making her a special breakfast or bringing her a fresh smoothie in the morning.  Its the little mundane things that put a smile on our face.  Gift options to go along with this would of course include a “World’s Best Mum” cup, or a beautiful cookbook (I personally just love flicking through to look at the beautifully displayed food – I never cook from them!!)
  1. A FEEL GOOD COMPLIMENT, what mum doesn’t love to be told how amazing she is or what makes her special to her family! A great way to express this is to create something for mum. There are loads of options online now that convert kids artwork to framed prints, jewellery pouches and even dinnerware.
  1. A SPECIAL MEMORY TO REMEMBER THE DAY, without all the fuss, mum really just wants a movie-like day where everyone is happy and no one fights (am I right?!). Buy a boardgame that is fun for the whole family to play and get involved with or head to your local party shop and pick out some fun photo props to take silly pictures with.
  1. AN EXPRESSION OF HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO YOU, whether it be one or all of the tips above, a lavish gift or an item from the kids Mother’s Day stall, tell mum you love her, give her loads and loads of cuddles and kisses until she says ENOUGH and then you might need to refer back to tip 1 “A little peace and quiet”.


Laura from Gift Hunters Australia


This post was written for Mumspo Mag by the wonderful Laura of Gift Hunters Australia, the most genius business that helps you with gift-giving to your loved ones. With filling out a questionnaire on what you’re after and who you’re shopping for, Laura will help you take the stress out of gift giving by selecting three options for you to choose from the information you provide her with, and will purchase, wrap and present the gift for you! You can find more information on her website listed here, Facebook page hereor her Instagram here.


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