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5 Reasons To Head Outside Today


Now that winter has hit, it’s easy to spend your days indoors, close to the tea kettle and the heater, handing over colouring books and indulging in some screen time.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a snuggly day on the couch here at Mumspo, but some of our happiest family moments involve braving the outdoors. So here’s a little mid-week adventure inspo!

1. It’s important for their physical development.

Have you ever watched a kid playing outside? Climbing, balancing, bike riding, running and puddle jumping aren’t just fun: They’re important tools to improve your child’s physical development, muscle strength and hand-eye coordination.

2. It’s also important for their mental development!

Outdoor play helps to improve learning outcomes for children. It is an opportunity for kids to use their imagination, to feel independent, to build resilience and process new sensory input (like crunching leaves beneath our shoes!)

3. It provides opportunities for socialisation.

Playing outdoors usually involves meeting new friends! If you watch children interacting at a park or on a playground, you’ll see them developing many valuable social tools, from collaboration to negotiation. Playing can be serious business for our small people…

4. It gives them an appreciation for the natural world.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful, fascinating and diverse country. Just by being outside, our children absorb knowledge. They learn about the weather, about seasons and about nature. They play little games like counting possums, keeping an eye out for koalas, mimicking bird song. They learn about the world, they fall in love with it and they will carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

5. It’s just plain fun.

Beach days in the summer, with splashing and sand castle building. Wintry walks, with crunchy leaves to stomp and puddles to jump in. Animals to spot and new friends to make. Every hour spent outdoors is a new little adventure, full of imagination and play, whether in their own backyard or exploring further afield. Kids are drawn to the natural world because, well, it’s just so much fun.

And don’t be afraid to strap on your gumboots and puddle jump too, Mum and Dad. It’s good for the soul and they’re memories you’ll never regret taking the time to create ❤️

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