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Best of “Cake Mums”: Our Fave Cakes of 2019


Whether it’s an ingenious Coles cake hack whipped up on the fly or a stunningly intricate and detailed work of art, we are continually in awe of the talented members of our “Cake Mums” Facebook group.

Although we’re only just past halfway through 2019, we thought it might be fun to share some of our favourite creations from this year so far!

Please join us for some cake-y inspo, courtesty of the “Cake Mums”. And, for more delicious baked goodness, feel free to join us over on Facebook. From amateur to professional, the Cake Mums are as supportive as they are talented.

Now, in no particular order: Our fave cakes of the year so far!

(Drumroll please……)

1. This dreamy, tea-themed cake by Rachel M


2.Β  This cake by Jess J will have you singing “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo”


3. Melissa M has captured our spirit animal in cake form


4. This amazing work of art by Suz (The Pink Artisan) is beyond belief. OBSESSED!



5. We officially want friends like Beth Mc, who’s nearest and dearest organised this cake to celebrate her love of all things Kmart



6. IT’S THE CIRRRRRCLEEEE! THE CIRRRRRCLE OF LIIIIIIFEEEE! This cake by Loryn F is truly a show-stopper.



7. Okay, so cookies aren’t cake, but how could we not share these Monsters by Deni F?


8. Here’s one from Sharon C for all the dog fans out there. This is too cute for words


9. Courtney P (the Fruit Cake Lady) is serving up some ladylike, rustic inspo


10. Another cake alternative, this white chocolate and fruit by Julie T is too pretty not to share


Thanks for checking out the amazing creations of our gorgeous Cake-rs!

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