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We are so excited that you are considering a collaboration with Mumspo Mag!

We are a fast-growing, one stop shop when it comes to collaborations due to our social media reach and large target audience. We are unique in our broad reach to Australian families based on our Facebook groups, totalling over 576,000 members combined. We are proud of our kind community of loyal and engaged members, and each of our groups are growing organically, daily. 

Our website currently has 42,316 monthly views and 1548 subscribers. Our social media reach via our Facebook page and Instagram accounts are 28,558. 

We also offer sponsored posts, social media posts, ambassadorship and host giveaways.

If any of this interests you, or if you have any other collaboration opportunities in mind, we would love to hear from you via the contact box below.

Tap the icons below to view our stats!

Facebook Groups

Our groups combined currently sit at approximately 575,000 members.


Our Instagram followers are currently sitting at approximately 5,600


Our Pinterest has approx 1,500 followers with 40,000 unique monthly viewers.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page currently has approximately 23,000 followers.


Thank you once again for your interest in collaborating with Mumspo Mag. We would love to hear from you, so please send us an email via the contact form here.

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